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Media Link International is an Arab production and Distribution company, located in Beirut and covering the Middle East, North Africa, and South East Asia. MLI officially launched in the beginning of 2004 after a trial period during 2003 to validate the feasibility of a merger between 6 Arab Production and Distribution companies from 4 different Arab countries. The merging parties have been players in the media sector for more than 25 years, and after structural and strategic preparations, they decided to group their efforts and expertise to create one company capable of exercising the same activities but on a larger scale.

Key People

Kamal el-Baba


Jamal Douba

General Manager

Mohammad Awwad

Production Manager

Hadi Marmar

Video Editor

Mohamad Yassine

Digital Media Manager

Mira Shahrour

Marketing & Sales Executive (Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Iraq)

Hamoudi Hamoudi

Marketing & Sales Executive (UAE, Oman and Islamic Asia)

Rania Mohamad

Marketing & Sales Executive (Lebanon)

Abderahmane Bessaih

Marketing & Sales Executive (Algeria)

Hamza Jebri

Marketing & Sales Executive (Tunisia)

Mirna Matar

GM assistant


"Kamar bani Hashem" قمر بني هاشم Life Story of the Prophet Mohamad (PBUH)

For the Holy Month of Ramadan Al Sahra TV channel in Algeria purchased "Kamar bani Hashem" قمر بني هاشم Life Story of the Prophet Mohamad (PBUH) from Media Link International (MLI)

"Waklinha Walaa" "واكلينها ولعة" Comedy Drama

MLI sold "Waklinha Walaa" "واكلينها ولعة" Comedy Drama to Cairo TV Channel in Egypt.

"Modon Wa Amaken" &"Umam Amsaloukoum" Religious Documentaries

The religious documentaries "Modon Wa Amaken" and "Umam Amsaloukoum" were sold as a barter deal by MLI to Al Ghazal TV Channel in Algeria.

"Waklinha Walaa" "واكلينها ولعة" Comedy Drama

MLI accomplished the sale of "Waklinha Walaa'" "واكلينها ولعة" comedy drama series to the Egyptian TV channel Sada El Balad.

"Rayat el Hak" رايات الحق Religious Historical Series

We sealed the deal on the sale of the religious historic series "Rayat el Hak" رايات الحق to Cairo TV Channel in Egypt.

"Omar" عمر Religious Historical Series


Our longstanding business relationship allowed MLI to sell "Omar" عمر religious historic series to Islam Channel in the UK, due to our continuous cooperation with them.

""Rayat el Hak" رايات الحق Religious Historical Series

MLI sold the religious historical series "Rayat el Hak" رايات الحق to the Egyptian TV channel Sada El Balad

"Awdat Al Rouh" "عودة الروح" Turkish Drama Series (Dubbed)

Due to our continuous cooperation with Al Bahia TV channel in Algeria, they bought the Turkish drama series "Awdat Al Rouh" "عودة الروح" from us which we dubbed into the Arabic language.

"wlad Ambaba" Comedy Drama

MLI sold wlad Ambaba "ولاد امبابة" Comedy Drama to Cairo TV Channel in Egypt.

Tayea "طايع" Contemporary Drama Series

MLI exceeded the expected revenues when Attesia TV channel in Tunisia acquired the drama series Tayea "طايع" as a barter deal.

"Qamar Bani Hashem" (Islamic drama series) and "Holako" (historical drama series)

Follow the life of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) as you watch our Islamic drama series "Qamar Bani Hashem" on Carthage TV Channel in Tunisia or go back in time and watch the historical drama series "Holako"

Archaeological documentaries for Lufthansa airline

Time flies as you enjoy our archaeological documentaries including: “Egypt: The Temple of Karnak” and “Jordania, Petra and the Nabateans” and “Guatemala In the Heart of the Maya Civilization” on the German airline's "Lufthansa" in-flight entertainment system.

"Koloub Taaiha" "قلوب تائهة " Telenovela Series

The Egyptian "Cairo Satellite Network" has acquired from MLI the rights of the dubbed telenovela series "Koloub Taaiha" "قلوب تائهة"

Collaboration protocol with Rise UP in Tunisia

Rise UP, a creative advertising agency in Tunis, and Media Link International have combined their efforts to create a collaboration protocol for working on various projects together.

ANP Video & Cinema Production House in Egypt

ANP an Egyptian video & cinema production house has chosen MLI to manage their Facebook page for their business in Cairo.

"The Greats of the Nation" and "The Truthfulness of The Messenger of God" Religious animated series

MLI signed with Cartoonil Egypt the rights for the religious animated series "The Greats of the Nation" "عظماء الأمة" and "The Truthfulness of the Messenger of God" "صدق رسول الله"

"Bab Al-Amoud / Salvation" Ramadan Drama Series

MLI signed with Shamekh Group in Palestine to distribute the rights for the 2020 produced Ramadan Palestinian drama series "Bab Al-Amoud / Salvation" "باب العامود/الخلاص"

"Payback" Drama Series

MLI has completed the sale of the Emmy Awarded Latin Series "Payback" "عودة المنتقم" to Abu Dhabi Media TV as a first run in Gulf region.

The 2nd International Media Production Exhibition, Riyadh KSA

MLI's Mrs. Mira Shahrour, from our sales department team, attended the 2nd International Media Production Exhibition where she countersigned with AL-Majed Network the historical series “Rabieh kortobaha” ربيع قرطبة (29x45') along with a new parcel of our documentaries

The 2nd International Media Production Exhibition, Riyadh KSA

With "EIN TV" MLI's sales department team discussed the plan of providing them with 50 TVH/year of documentaries

The 2nd International Media Production Exhibition, Riyadh KSA

Our MLI sales department team held discussions with Saudi TV as they want our "coloring archive" which is our new service where they selected 3 new documentaries from us

"أخوة التراب" Drama Series

MLI sold the Syrian drama series "أخوة التراب" to the television station "Ten" in Egypt

Verdi Production House, Cairo, Egypt

MLI signed the Facebook page management of the Egyptian production company "Verdi Production House".

"Nizar Qabbani" Drama Series

MLI concluded the sale of the drama series "Nizar Qabbani" "نزار قباني" for the Carthage TV channel in Tunisia

"Hayat el Barrieh" Wildlife Documentary برامج وثائقية عن الحياة البرية والحيوانات

Mrs. Mira Shahrour from MLI's sales department team met representatives from the Almajd TV Network where they agreed to buy from us the wildlife documentary "Hayat el Barrieh" in Riyadh, KSA

"الصندوق الأسود" Drama Series

MLI sold the broadcasting rights of the Egyptian drama series "الصندوق الأسود" to "Cairo Satellite Network" in Egypt.

"Ibtikarat" Scientific Documentary السلسلة الوثائقية العلمية "ابتكارات"

MLI closed the deal of "Ibtikarat" Scientific Documentary to the Almajd TV Network in Saudi Arabia due to our longstanding strong business relationship with them.

Collaboration Protocol

MLI signed a collaboration protocol with "Cairo Satellite Network" in Egypt

K-Content Expo in Dubai, U.A.E.

MLI's Acquisition Manager Mrs. Hanane Rammal attended the K-Content EXPO 2019 for Korean content where she met with potential business partners experienced in Broadcasting, Animation, Character Licensing, Gaming and New Media & Technology (VR, AR, MR)

Colaboration Protocol

MLI signed a collaboration protocol with "Pro to Media", a full service advertising agency located in Cairo, Egypt

Fajer International Film Festival, Tehran Iran

"MLI attended the Fajer International Film Festival in order to enhance the cinematic cooperation between the countries of the region by showcasing their achievements in film from the Middle East, Western Central and Eastern Asia among many other regions

"Payback" Drama Series

MLI sold the 1st run copyrights for the Emmy award winning drama series "Payback" "عودة المنتقم" to the television station "2M" in Morocco dubbed into the Moroccan dialect

"Payback" Drama Series

MLI sold the 1st run copyrights for the Emmy award winning drama series "Payback" "عودة المنتقم" to the television station "El Wataniya 1" in Tunis dubbed into the Syrian dialect

Media News

Dubai International Content Market (DICM) 2020

MENA’s biggest gathering of media professionals will only be held virtually in cyberspace online DICM’s user-friendly E-vent platform will allow all registered E-sellers to upload their content online and E-buyers from 20+ countries can browse 10,000+ hours selection of curated content, WHERE: ONLINE/WHEN: From Monday to Tuesday, 7th to the 8th of December 2020

Netflix announces relief fund for the Lebanese film industry

Netflix announces relief fund for Lebanon’s TV and film community DUBAI: The world’s largest paid streaming service Netflix has collaborated with the Arab Fund of Arts & Culture (AFAC) on an emergency relief fund to help support Lebanon’s film and television industry following the deadly Beirut blast on Aug. 4 that displaced thousands.

Netflix's “Made in Lebanon” launches a collection of 34 Lebanese films

Following Netflix’s emergency relief fund to support Lebanon’s film industry, the streaming service on Monday released 34 Lebanese films (Capernaum,Whispers,West Beirut...) under a dedicated collection titled “Made in Lebanon.”

CABSAT MENA in Dubai World Trade Centre,U.A.E.

CABSAT is the only platform for the broadcast, digital media, content and satellite sectors to come, meet, learn and network and to witness the trends that are revolutionizing the industry.Our Sales Team led by Mr. Hammoudi Hammoudi will attend MEASA region's only platform that inspires creativity,showcases leading edge products in production, post-production, delivery and distribution.

How COVID-19 is disrupting the film making and distribution industry by halting film production and closing cinemas

The pandemic is accelerating the ongoing transformation in movie production, distribution and consumption. This change reflects consumer preferences for content consumption, which increasingly favor streaming video on-demand (SVoD).“If content creators go direct to digital, they cut out the potential box office collections and satellite rights as a massive source of revenue generation for the producers” argues INOX Group's Jain.

Byron Allen's Entertainment Studios Networks Closes First Ever Middle East And North Africa Network Distribution Deal

Allen Media Group division Entertainment Studios, one of the largest independent producers and distributors of film and television proudly announces that seven of its global television networks now receive distribution in the United Arab Emirates on the du telecom platform, from Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company (EITC).

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